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Safety operation regulation of concrete pump truck

 Jiuzhou company is a concrete placing booms manufacturers in China.Today we share some  safety operation regulation of concrete pump truck to you.
1.The use of the chassis, internal combustion engine, air compressor, water pump and hydraulic device of the concrete pump truck shall be carried out in accordance with the general provisions of the automobile and the relevant provisions of the concrete pump.
2. Pump station location should be flat and solid, no obstacle around, no overhead transmission line. Pump truck should not be parked on the slope.
3. After the pump in place, should support legs and maintain the level and stability of the fuselage. When feeding with a feeding rod, the body shall not exceed 3 degrees of inclination
4. After position, the pump should open the stop light to avoid collision.
5. Before the operation should check whether the project conforms to the provisions:
Fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, water tank to add sufficient, tire pressure compliance, lighting and signal lights are complete;
The hydraulic system is working normally, the pipeline is not leaking; the cleaning pump and equipment are all in good condition;
There is no debris in the mixing hopper, the protection grid on the hopper is intact and covered tightly;
The conveying pipe is firmly connected and well sealed.
6. The piping and hose used for the distributing pipe should be selected according to the instructions of the factory, and the piping should not be used beyond the specified diameter. The hose to be installed should be fastened with the safety belt.
7. Extension cloth rod should be in accordance with the instructions of the factory order, cloth rod rise from the bracket, can be turned back. It is prohibited to hoist or drag objects with a cloth pole.
8.When the cloth rod is in the full extension state, shall not move the body. When moving the car body, the upper cloth bar should be folded and fixed, and the moving speed should not exceed 10km/h.
9. Never pull the hose at the front of the distributing rod on the ground; it is forbidden to extend the cloth pipe and the distributing rod. No concrete shall be used to convey concrete when the wind is above six and above.
10.The laying of the pumping pipeline shall be carried out according to the provisions of the second provisions of the concrete pump in this procedure.
11. Before pumping, when the hydraulic oil temperature is lower than 15C, the method of extending the air transfer time should be adopted to improve the oil temperature.
12. Pump should check the operation of pump and mixing device, monitor each instrument and indicator light, found abnormal, should promptly stop processing.
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