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ST52 concrete pump pipe

Jiuzhou Pump Pipe Manufacturing  company for the traditional ST52 concrete pump pipe shortcoming, vigorously develop new products, located in high strength, long service life of the use of product development. Made of high quality and high efficiency, high wear resistance, high strength products.
ST52 concrete pump pipe is designed for transporting the corrosive medium containing fine particles of the design and development, can adapt to the different working conditions of the pump, such as conveying acid, alkaline liquid or slurry, the smelting industry of various corrosive slurry; all kinds of dilute acid, sulfuric acid industry, environmental protection industry, the various types of sewage pump pipe is corrosion resistant wear, use a very wide range, has the following characteristics.
1.strong wear resistance
2.strong impact resistance
3.excellent corrosion resistance noise
5.low friction coefficient
6.good tack resistance
The pipe used in the steel ST52 material, after cutting, welding, derusting, painting, after passing the test, to provide customers.
After years of hard work and efforts, won the Kyushu pump recognized by domestic and foreign customers. Products are exported to the United States, South Korea, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Australia, Indonesia and other more than 30 countries and regions.
ST52 concrete pump pipe
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