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Rubber Cleaning Ball supplier

Jiuzhou Pump Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 1998 in Yanshan county,Cagnzhou City,Hebei,China--Pipe Industry Center in China.Our factory is very close to Beijing and Tianjin.1 hour to Beijing,2 hours to Tianjin,China which ensures swif communication and fast transportation . We have some  reputation of Rubber Cleaning Ball supplier.
Rubber Cleaning Ball
Our advantages:

1 Technical Support
The product from the company's technical department joint national hose , tape Research Center experts jointly developed , using a unique formula and advanced production technology .
2 Product Features
TUBE: polyurethane and butyl rubber as the main raw material , and adding special reinforcing agent . The finished color is yellow transparent plastic state , with high wear resistance, high toughness , high voltage and other characteristics , wear indicators is 2-3 times the normal sandblasting hose . Entitled "wearable king " reputation in the industry .
Enhancement layer:
Blasting hose made of high quality cloth for wiping tape enhancement layer , flexible, strong pressure ;
Blasting hose with copper plated steel woven wire braided hose dedicated , to work under pressure is 3-4 times the fabric hose , with a high degree of pressure , excellent flex resistance of characteristics.
3 Range
Products are mainly used in all kinds of tunnel construction , roadway , excavation , slope protection spray anchor , hydropower , mining, military defense and other fields have a wide range of applications.
4 Quality Commitment
Suggested for the first time when using this product with other manufacturers of products using comparative superiority comparison of plant products . Lower than normal performance blasting hose refund the full purchase price .

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