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Mixing ratio problem of pumping concrete

Jiuzhou Pump Pipe Manufacturing is specialized in concrete pump pipe.There are many factors that affect the success of pump concrete construction.The mix ratio is one of the factors.
The mix ratio design of the pump is different from the traditional (non pump) mix design. Pumping in performance. on the one hand to meet the conventional strength, durability and other technical requirements; on the other hand, it should have good pump. The performance of these two aspects is often contradictory.The best point of the pump concrete mix design is to find the best coordination between the two and realize the "win-win".
Pumping construction success or failure, the concrete mix is the primary factor. Pumping concrete mix design, must be concrete and detailed study of pump construction conditions and characteristics: such as pump performance, pumping distance, the status of the delivery pipe, delivery plan, temperature conditions and so on. Each of these factors changes, with the requirements of the ratio, the pumping effect has an impact.
The proportion of cement in the mix, water-cement ratio, slump, coarse and small aggregate size and grading, sand rate, admixtures and admixtures and other parameters of the size of the pumping concrete performance, the ratio of Traditional concrete is more direct and significant. Therefore, the mix design, starting from the characteristics of pumping concrete, combined with the engineering conditions selected the above parameters.
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