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Jiuzhou Pump Pipe Manufacturing company is a professional Concrete pump pipe manufacturer in China.Today we share some  blocking Concrete pump pipe handling methods with you.
If the blockage is judged accurately and the blockage is not far from the end of the pipe discharge, just remove the blockage of the blockage, eliminate the concrete which has been blocked, and then reinstall it to continue the pumping.
Plugging the site to determine the correct or not, it is easy to determine when the pipe is disassembled: as long as the pumping operation, there is concrete outflow from the open nozzle.
If the plugging area is not far from the end of the pipe, the plugging section is cleaned and then back to the pipe. As a result of the air plug of this empty pipe, it will cause blockage again. In this case, the pipe should be connected, the concrete pumped out after the pipeline. Under normal circumstances, the pipe is not more than 10 meters. Each hose should be pumped out of concrete and then continue, otherwise it will result in blocked tube. Remove the plugging tube as soon as possible to organize manpower, remove the concrete, and water clean.
Concrete pump pipe
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