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Concrete pump hose Intruction

Concrete pump hose is usually used concrete pump, concrete jetting manipulator, concrete spraying machine for conveying pump and so on. 

The reinforcement has two kinds-- one kind is steel wire and the other kind is fabric. 
Concrete pump hose Intruction
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The advantage of reducing concrete pump hose:
It has less weight at the boom tip, making it easier to operate for workers.
It can control smooth concrete flow, and it can eliminate splatter.
It is convenient for the application of different diameters.
The details of reducing concrete pump hose:
Structure: reducing concrete pump hose is composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover.
Tube: resistant to high abrasion, mainly NR synthetic rubber.
Reinforcement: multiple layers of high tensile steel wires or polyester cords.
Cover: resistant to weather, ozone, corrosion, abrasion and cutting synthetic rubber, mainly cutting.
Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C.
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