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Concrete Pump Pipe Suppliers from China

Concrete pump pipe is made of special quality steel which is quenched and carried out carburizing chemical treatment on the inner wall.They are used in high, ground floor building, roads, Bridges, high iron, tunnel, hydropower station, subway, wharf, etc building engineering machinery, concrete pump truck delivery, etc.Using good quality materials makes our pipe steady performance.
1.  Advanced production equipment
2.batch raw material.After production,we test each pipe  to guarantee 100% qualification.
3.  Strict quality inspection, Strong R&D team
4.  Environmental friendly without pollution
5.  About 20 years manufacturing experience, strong and experienced export team 
6.Own factory to supply low price
7.On time delivery ensured
Our concrete pump pipes have advantages of less weight, longer service life, high pressure resistance, more safety and corrosion resistance,etc..

We are JIUZHOU PUMP PIPE MANUFACTURING Company,contact us now if you need concrete pump pipes.

Concrete Pump Pipe

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