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Jiuzhou Pump Pipe Manufacturin company is a manufacturer of Concrete placing Boom.Concrete pump is used to transfer liquid concrete after pumping. Pumping concrete requires pressure, which varies with pumping activity.Concrete placing Boom is actually a complex robotic arm controlled by a remote controller for placing concrete in the desired position with maximum efficiency. This is a cost effective and ingenious alternative to human labor, which makes it preferable to use special pumps to deal with large volume of concrete. The use of robots - devices that are completely free from human interference - allow concrete to place suspenders into highly complex concrete pouring equipment.
Jiuzhou Pump Pipe Manufacturin company is a manufacturer of concrete pump booms. Our distributors spread all over North and South,our products involve concrete pump wear resistant pipe, elbow, coupling, rubber hose, placing boom and spare parts. We can tailor different sizes and styles according to our customers' needs. If necessary, please contact us. We'll give you an answer as soon as possible.
Concrete placing Boom
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