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Concrete pump is combined with high reliability, economy, safety and durability.It is used in conjunction with the  Concrete Placing Boom .The whole concrete pump truck is flexible, reliable, stable and safe.It is an ideal machine for quick and more effective placing of concrete in different site.
It is the top choice concrete equipment widely used in urban construction, tunnel, airport, high-speed rail site, beam field, bridge construction projections. 
1. It can be placed in any suitable places required without being fixed.
2. Placing boom is featured by complete performance, flexible operation. 
3. Compact structure, light weight and can be lifted as a whole by a crane.
4. With excellent maneuverability, it can meet the requirements for concrete
5. High safety is guaranteed by multiple safety devices.
6. Placement on different job-sites, and is ideal for concrete pumping and placing.
7. Easy operation, reliable safety and economical purchase.
8. Reliable and safe. It can work steadily and serve a long life.
9. Adopts wear-resistant steel materials, which ensures long service life and low operation cost.
We are one of the most famou  Concrete placing booms manufacturers in China.If you need,please contact us.
Concrete placing booms manufacturers

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