Spider concrete placing boom

Spider concrSpider Concrete Placing Boomete placing boom It includes Manual Concrete Placing Boom 10m, 12m, 15m, 18m, Electric Concrete Placing Boom 10m, 12m, 15m, 18m and Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom 12m, 15m, 17m, 21m, 24m, 28m
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Spider Concrete Placing Boom

It can be placed according to needs of field pouring.

Compact structure, light weight, and can be hoisted and transported as a whole.
Flexible, widely use and applicable for complex construction site.
Easy operation, safe and reliable, economical and practical.

 Item HGY15 HGY17 HGY18
(m)Max. placing radius 15 17 18
(m)Big arm length 6 6.66 7.66
(°)Big arm elevation 0~70 0~65 0~65
(m)Medium arm length 5 5.73 5.73
(°)Medium arm elevation 0~180 0~180 0~180
(m)Small arm length 4 4.61 4.61
(°)Small arm elevation 0~180 0~180 0~180
(m)Hose length 3 3 3
(mm) Concrete delivery pipe ø 125×6 ø 125×6 ø 125×6
(m)Tail Rotary radius 2.81 3.51 3.93
(Kw)Total Power 4 5.5 5.5
(MPa)System Pressure 24 24 24
(r/min)Rotary speed 0.3—0.8 0.3—0.8 0.3—0.8
(°)Rotary range 0~360 0~360 0~360
(m)Supporting legs span 4×4 4.6×4.6 5×5
(m)Overall height 2.6 3.2 3.75
(kg)Bare machine weight 3230 5000 6700
(kg)Balance weight 2×1100 2200 2×1100
Control mode Panel/ Wireless remote control

Concrete placing boom is a new product developed for enlarging the range of concrete pouring and improving the mechanization level of pumping construction. Being corollary equipment of concrete pump, it increases the range of concrete pumping by connecting with concrete pump; also, in effectively solving the hard problem of material distribution in wall pouring, it plays an important role in increasing construction efficiency and reducing labor intensity. This kind of concrete placing boom is reasonably designed, with stable and reliable structure, and the whole machine can be easily operated and flexibly turned due to its all direction and boom-type distributing structure, featuring character of high efficiency and energy-saving, as well as being economical and practical, etc.
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